Smartest way of buffet serving

Works with VIDACASA Hot & Cold Cells
(Sold Separately)


No More Open-flames, and
Dripping Wet Ice on Dining Table.

The Vidacasa S1 Buffetware Series is designed for chefs and caterers seeking modern, efficient ways to keep food hot or cold, without electrical cords, fire or ice. Its origins lie in space age technology. The S1 Buffetware is all about temperature controlled and the design specifications focused mainly on Wireless, Portable, Interchangeable Hot & Cold, Modular Expandable and Reusable.

No Ice. No Flame. No Cords.

When serving food, ice is messy. Chafing fuel is dangerous. This is a Vidacasa S1 Buffetware. Hot and cold in one system. Colder than ice, safer than fire. Lasting for hours. Now you can serve any food, anytime, anywhere.

Elegant & Clean Food Presentation

Fitting today’s modern lifestyle when everything is preferred to be safe and wireless. Wireless opens up the great option of partying and dine anywhere, at anytime. Keeping everything light and compact makes it easy to store and carry.

One System with Modular Design

The S1 Buffetware has a modular design, centered on thermal engines that can store heat or remain cold for hours ensuring you keep food at ideal temperatures. The real difference maker is that Vidacasa Servingware ensures you serve food fresh as always.

Highly Insulating and Functional

Each Vidacasa Buffetware comprises a highly thermal insulating base, with a compartment to snugly hold a Hot or Cold Cell. Plates are placed on top of the base that holds the Cell. Their flat designs ensure evenly distributed temperature, leaving food constant and fresh.

Rechargeable. Wastage Free.

Both the Hot and Cold Cells are reusable. Recharge is easy: Cold cells bring it back to freezer to freeze for next use; Hot Cell brings it back to charger to recharge for next use. The thermal engines featuring exceptionally low heat consumption and wastage.

Everything on hand, everything tidy in an instant.


For F10-800 and C1 Cold Cells with different heights from the H1 Pro Hot Cell, adjusters can be used to elevate the height of the Cold Cells for better performance when contacting with the serving plate.

Steel Divider Bar

The optional steel divider bar allows you to customize your serving options on your buffetware sets and is designed to fit across the serving plates well. That way, you can use both full and fractional size serving plates in a configuration of your choosing! Occasionally there would be more dishes options in one buffet system. No need to change or move the Cold Cell inside. This steel divider bar is compatible with S1 C30-2S, S1 C30-5S, S1 C60-2T and S1 C60-5T Buffetware Sets.

Advanced Protection

Vidacasa lids and steel frames can protect the food and achieve the optimal temperature results. The highly durable materials can protect the insulated base and maintain a premium look even after frequent uses.

Conventional Serving Way
Chafing Dish with ice

Poor Cooling

The heat energy cannot be conducted thoroughly because of the heat lost to the surrounding. And the melted ice means poor hygiene and messy.

+   Temperature   -


Even Cooling

The heat energy is conducted through the flat surface of Vidacasa Cold Cells, ensuring chilling food above. The highly insulating polyurethane can maintain temperature, and ensure the Cold Cell and plate are never too cold to touch.

Vidacasa Serving Way

S1 Buffetware System with Cold Cell



Always be prepared for both hot and cold dishes. Simply
swap between the hot and cold cells due to their same sizes.

Conventional Serving Way
Chafing Dish with Chafing Fuel

Poor Heating

The heat energy cannot be conducted thoroughly because of the heat lost to the surrounding. The chafing fuel is dangerous to use and cannot reusable.

+   Temperature   -

Chafing Fuel      VIDACASA

Even Heating

The heat energy is conducted through the flat surface of Vidacasa Hot Cells, ensuring food stays warm efficiently and evenly. The highly insulating polyurethane can get maximum heating time, and ensure the plate and Hot Cell are never too hot to touch.

Vidacasa Serving Way

S1 Buffetware System with Hot Cell

Surpassing Standards with Unparalleled Performance

VIDACASA Cold Cells solidify at -10°C (14°F) allowing for a much more efficient temperature transfer at longer cooling duration. This game changing technology has set new standards in wireless cooling control. This is above and beyond today's conventional wet ice or blue gel can achieve. Inevitable evolution is underway.


C1 Pro Cold Cell

Compatible thermal engine (Optional)
The C1 Pro Cold Cell featuring a performance enhancement, which can maintain -10ºC (14ºC) for 8 hours. Test result verified by Intertek shows that C1 Cold Cell can maintain the salad temperature at/below 5ºC (41ºF) for 6 hours 38 minutes.

H1 Pro Hot Cell

Compatible thermal engine (Optional)
The H1 Pro Hot Cell features a dual temperature control for high efficient battery-heating and safer food display beyond the fire. Test result verified by Intertek shows that H1 Pro Hot Cell can maintain temperature of hot soup at/above 60ºC (140ºF) for 2 hours 52 minutes.

Classy Ceramic Buffetware Set