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Works with VIDACASA Hot & Cold Cells

(Sold Separately)

Enjoy ultimate dining pleasure all night long.

Wireless Food Chiller and Warmer

Fitting today’s modern lifestyle when everything is preferred to be safe and wireless. The S6 Series Tableware Set works with wireless, rechargeable VIDACASA Hot and Cold Cells. Wireless opens up the great option of partying and dine anywhere, at anytime.

Lightweight and Highly Insulated

The S6 Series comes with 3-piece modules: flat-bottom plate, high insulating base and white melamine frame. These materials are cordless, easy-care, lightweight, durable and compact size which makes serving food and table display more convenient and impressive.


Modular Expandable

Dishes do come in various sizes and sometimes they come on odd shapes of plates. The base unit design has to be flexible enough to accommodate. Putting a few more set together can fit a pizza on it nicely.

Elegant Serving Way

The Vidacasa S6 Series Tableware works with Hot and Cold Cells for transferring its hot and cold power to the plate through Direct Heating and Cooling method. And it is allowed to place food lower than 3” (8cm) above the plate, as the heating and cooling effect declines with taller heights. Adding a lid can help the overall thermal performance.


Be sure to use “Flat Bottomed” tableware or cookware with the S6 or you won’t get optimized temperature results.



Always be prepared for both hot and cold dishes. Simply swap between the hot and cold cells due to their same sizes. Both hot and cold cells are rechargeable and easy to use, so no more open-flames and dripping wet ice on dining table.

* VIDACASA Hot & Cold Cells sold separately

Powerful Thermal Technology Beyond Fire and Ice

The lower freezing point of the VIDACASA Cold Cell enables the cold temperature to be sustained for up to 8 hours without electricity. This ensures food stays fresher longer, and eliminates the need to constantly change out ice or be restricted by power outlets.

C1 Pro Cold Cell

Compatible thermal engine (Optional)

The C1 Pro Cold Cell featuring a performance enhancement, which can maintain subzero for 7 hours. C1 Pro Cold Cell can maintain the salad temperature at/below 4ºC (39.2ºF) for 8 hours 30 minutes.

H1 Pro Hot Cell

Compatible thermal engine (Optional)
The H1 Pro Hot Cell features a dual temperature control for high efficient battery-heating and safer food display beyond the fire. H1 Pro Hot Cell can maintain temperature of beef at/above 60ºC (140ºF) for 2 hours 50 minutes.

New dining experience

S6 C28-1S