VIDACASA (stands for Home of Lively Ideas) – Based in Hong Kong, started by Gregory and Alexander Mak in 2013 with the concept of offering smarter solutions than fire and ice to keeping food hot and cold for local hotels, restaurants and catering companies.


How it all started?

Everything started back in 2003 when several local hotels and restaurant chains had gone through major food poisoning and fire accidents due to “underpar” food holding equipments when they were offering buffet services at offsite locations where electricity (i.e. power plugs) wasn’t conveniently available.  These happenings were not rare incidents and the very similar incidents have been happening quite often in many different regions and countries globally.


Offering the Best

Lead by Gregory and Alexander, whom have always been keen thinkers and engineers on problem solving, have always believed in offering a smart solution that is cordless and portable while able to deliver highly efficient cooling and heating performances for all types of food holding, food display, food storage and food delivery.


With years of fundings, in-depth research & testings with product development, we have successfully applied the latest NANO and AI technologies into heating and cooling technologies that are ideal solutions for hot & cold food holding, food displays, food storage, and food delivery for today’s Commercial foodservice industries.


The main characteristics of VIDACASA products are Cordless, Portable and Reusable, while they all have been proven to be performing significantly better than traditional solutions such as wet ice for food cooling purposes, and far safer than open flames such as chafing fuels and candles for food warming purposes.


Great Innovation is a mix of Creativity, Beauty and Technology – VIDACASA