About us

Freshness. Preserve it at all costs.

We at Vidacasa are on the cutting edge of technology to bring you cooling and heating solutions to help keep your foods, fresh, whether they need to be chilled or heated. Our focus started with buffetware for hotels and caterers. We knew they had issues with ice and fire. We designed buffetware, using state-of-the-art technology to chill and heat without the use of unwieldy and unsightly wires and cumbersome ice.

Best Temp-Controlled Solutions

At VIDACASA, we aim to develop such innovative products that help in eliminating the problem of Home Users, Hotel Operators, Restaurant Owners and Caterers.  No matter if it’s food holding, food storage, or food delivery, we will be able to help out with the latest revolutionary temperature-holding products.


The main characteristics of all VIDACASA products are Cordless, Portable and Reusable, while they all have been proven to be Performance Driven comparing to traditional solutions such as wet ice and open flames. We believe it’s time to keep everyone’s food fresh anytime anywhere.


Our team merges creativity and technology to design innovative products that reflect your eclectic taste, while at the same time, being exceptionally practical.

Beautiful. Practical. Innovative.


The Brains behind VIDACASA are the two brothers, Alexander Mak and Gregory Mak. They started VIDACASA back in the year 2013 with the concept of offering something better than ice and fire for the global foodservice industry.   When they came back to their hometown – Hong Kong after completing their studies in the United States, they realized that the foodservice industry of Hong Kong was still very backward in terms of food temperature holding when people were still using the most traditionally wet ice and open flame (candles & chafing fuels) to keeping their food hot and cold.  From that moment onwards, they decided to take on the mission to do something revolutionary to offering something smarter and better.


They believe VIDACASA products ought to be cordless and portable for the ease of use; products ought to be reusable because of lower operational costs and environmental friendly issues; VIDACASA products have to be performance driven because all the target users are professionals such as chefs and owners.


After 3 years of research and development, Alexander and Gregory successfully applied the latest state-of-the-art heating and cooling technologies to design the most suitable products (solutions) that are able to solve the glitches concerned with food holding, food displays, food storage, and food delivery for hoteliers, restaurant chains and individual caterers globally.