VIDACASA – a unique name that stands for the “Home of Hot Ideas”!
Started by the two brothers (Gregory and Alexander Mak) in 2013, based in Hong Kong, with the concept of offering a smart complete solution that is far better than ice and fire for the Global foodservice industry, aiming to replace the widely used wet ice and open flame (candles & chafing fuels) to keeping fresh food hot and cold at anytime anywhere.


VIDACASA has the vision that all their future temperature controlled products ought to be cordless and portable, reusable and environmental friendly, and performance driven because most VIDACASA’s users are professionals chefs and owners.


After 3 years of in-depth research and product development, VIDACASA has successfully applied the state-of-the-art heating and cooling technologies into their products that are smart solutions for food holding, food displays, food storage, and food delivery for hoteliers, restaurant chains and caterers for the Global foodservice industries.


Classic Buffetware

The Most Original

The 1st VIDACASA buffetware series that works with both hot and cold elements. Customised Porcelain and Melamine plates that are designed for fancy buffets setups, large catering parties and offsite events.

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Open Displayware

The Most Versatile

Creating your own temperature-controlled bases with hot or cold elements, then place “flatbottomed” food pots either with hot foods or cold foods in them. Simple and flexible for all occasions.

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Instant Hot Buffetware

The Most Practical

Standard size GN food pans powered by hot or cold elements. Universal works with the standard GN full and half size food pans making it to be very practical for every restaurant chef and caterer.



Cordless buffetwares and food chillers & warmers are for modern kitchens. All VIDACASA product collection are designed to be the safest and most practical to keeping food chilled or warmed for hours.


VIDACASA’s modern use of technology allows great thermal-holding performances in the challenging ever-changing requirements of commercial food junctions and restaurants’ kitchens.